Specht Group

For Kimberly Specht's individual page, see: http://denison.edu/people/kimberly-specht

Our research interests lie at the interface of chemistry and biology. We are interested in using chemistry as a tool to probe biological function. Currently, we have two on-going projects. One looks at the role of membrane proteins that we have identified in the bacterial species Burkholderia cenocepacia. A second project, done in collaboration with Michelle Boucher at Utica College (http://www.utica.edu/academic/as/chemistry/faculty.cfm), is focused on making a model-system for biological studies that presents sugars on the uniform surface of a silicate sheet polymer.

Students in my lab have the opportunity to learn the tools of biochemistry, molecular biology and organic synthesis. Students have presented their work at local, regional and national conferences.

Recent Students
Tyler and Linda
2012-2013 Seniors: Tyler Miyawaki, Linda Weber (missing: Luke Lewis)

Group 2009-2010
2009-2010 Julia Malik, Kevin Rodda, Ben Sunkel

Group 2007
        2007  Kim Specht, Lauren O'Connor, Courtney Alexander

Group 2005
2005  Kim Specht, Hilary Stevenson, Dawn Walker, Kate Cobb
2011-2012 Seniors: Alesha Stewart, (Kim Specht), Ryan Chenevey, Lauren Strowder

2008-2009  Dana Meyer, Kyle Sheetz
2008-2009 Dana Meyer, Kyle Sheetz

Group 2006
                        2006  David Hickey, Kim Specht, Lilian "Tawsy" Lamech, Hilary Stevenson